VJ Media Mixology 2014


The 3rd annual VJ Media Mixology came to town and left quite the impression. Steadyimage has always sponsored the VJ Media Mixology with video branding and new media https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/acheter-cialis/ support; this year was no different. Working with Vanessa James is always a pleasure, so one could only imagine how excited the Steadyimage team must have been to find out it was time for year three. VJ Media Mixology 2014 is the ultimate networking event where brand influencers are the main ingredients. This years platinum sponsor , Cadillac, stole the show with two of its models: the ELR (electronic model) and the next generation Escalade . Plenty of returning and new sponsors such as Barefoot Wine, REMY Martin, Mount Gay Rum, Bai, and Monster also made big appearances.  Thanks to producer Vivienne Chance and her ENG team of Alex and Jason, this night unlike any other will always be remembered.

Take a look at the re cap video here!

Vj Media Mixology 2014 – Music Lifestyle Culture from Steadyimage Multimedia on Vimeo.


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