Belize International Film Festival 2014: The World Premiere Screening of Rhythms of Africa

The Rhythms of Africa documentary had its world premiere screening in paradise.  After two hours in the air Steadyimage finally touched down in beautiful Belize.  Anticipation was high as they made their way through the tropical gem and arrived at The Inn at Robert’s Grove The Belize International Film Festival 2014 was a chance for chosen filmmakers to showcase their work. Every hotel guest,actor, filmmaker, judge and sponsor knew what an honor it was to be there. Excitement filled the air.

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As a way for the film festival to capture what a lot of Belize has to offer, the screenings moved from location to location. The first was in the colorful and cultural village of Seine Bight. The village is mainly populated with Garifuna people who are known for staying true to many African traditions; several which involve drumming. The audience received Rhythms of Africa with great applause. Not only could cheers be heard thought different portions of the film, a standing ovation was given at the end. A large smile could be seen growing on director Adrian Allen’s face. Steadyimage’s hard work had paid off. Screening number two took place in Belize City.  Princess Cinema located in the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel had the opportunity to host the many eager film enthusiasts. 

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Anyone that had the opportunity to see this film was greatly moved. The San Pedro Scoop included  a blurb on it in one of their recent post. The writer even said,”It has been my favorite movie of the festival so far.” Rhythms of Africa may have targeted a few areas or at-risk-youth in South Florida, but after the festival many were interested in hearing how a program like this could benefit the at-risk-youth of Belize. Several felt that once this film is seen by “the powers that be” much support

will be given to make it happen logistically. After the film Q&A done by Director Adrian Allen and Producer Vivienne Chance those who were

interested in the foundation were given proper contact information.

It wasn’t all fun in watching films. Day two of the festival hosted an enriching symposium on Intellectual Property and Copyrights for Filmmakers. Many thanks were given to everyone sharing their knowledge and experience on the matter. Candace Westby Fisher, Crown Counsel Deputy Registrar of Intellectual Property was there.  The symposium also consisted of a well educated panel.  Jamaican filmmaker, Storm Saulter, was one of the many panelists to share his experience.

Unfortunately, like all events, it was time for the Belize International Film Festival to come to an end. Not only was Steadyimage’s journey  a success, it was successfully in so many ways. Rhythms of Africa  well received, a message was spread, and connections from all over the world were made.

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A special thanks from the Steadyimage crew:

We’d like to thank Suzette Zayden of The Belize International Film Festival and her wonderful team for hosting and inviting us to this growing event. We cannot forget to mention the event’s platinum sponsor, The Inn at Robert’s Grove in Placencia, Belize for their wonderful 5 Star hospitality. The opening night’s Red Carpet ceremony on the beachfront was the perfect atmosphere in which to meet the participating filmmakers from all over the world, and to lounge on the beach and watch

the opening feature, Kingston Paradise, a film by Jamaican Filmmaker, Mary Wells and stars Jamaican actor, Chris Daley, who happened to be in attendance


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